Michelle Ward's Crusade and another mandala!

Hey folks!
I'm glad to be back on with electricity.
Yesterday afternoon a insane thunder storm
came whipping through town,
knocking 45,000 people out of power.
It has been in the mid 90s (before the heat index),
so the lack of Air-Conditioning wasn't fun.
But the power came back on today and I am back
to basking in light and internet and AC.
I have been working steadily over the past
few days on a new BIGGER mandala.
I have been trying them out in my tiny moleskine,
but decided to try it out in my big journal.
The first one was a disaster,
so for the second one I decided to bust out 
my compass and ruler.
I am a fan of symmetry.
I punched it up with some watercolor.
There really is something so soothing in the repetitive
drawing of simple shapes, and so far I really love the outcome!
Its one of those things that looks harder than it is.
Seriously, I can't draw AT ALL.

On a different note, I decided to jump back into 
Michelle's Crusades. I love her ideas and techniques,
and I'm glad to have the inspiration back.
Her challenge this month was simple: Gridlock
Make a grid in your art journal.
This goes along with my analytical/linear mind.
I love grids and tiny details.
For this challenge, I cut up some of my
spray-painted papers that I have been hoarding.
Why is it that when you cut up papers to smaller sizes
they seem more fascinating and awesome?
I like the end result, but it sat for a few days.
It needs something else, but that something else
never came to me.
Maybe one day! 


  1. I agree that cutting up the whole into smaller pieces makes them more fascinating. I enjoy the abstractions created. Your spread is really fun to look at.

  2. Dawn- wonderful mandala - love how you colored it.

    LOVE your grid! I agree with you and Regina that there is much to be discovered in the small pieces cut from a whole. That is ONE of the lessons I hoped would be uncovered as we work through this process of creating grids. I think you should sit on this piece, not that it is unfinished - I like it AS IS. But I also think that when we step away, and try to imagine the various ways to embellish or 'complete' a piece we conjure up endless possibilities...to be used on this or other pages. Well done, and thanks for sharing.

  3. Love both of these pieces!! I agree about the drawing simple shapes. Love the colors in your mandala too! Off to check out the crusades! Glad your mojo is back :D

  4. your mandala is awesome (and i think the secret's out....yes, you can draw!)! that watercolor really punched it! and i love your journal page.....we have that must-have-grid thing in common!!! i love my little boxes....! happy creating this weekend!! :))

  5. LOVE your grid page as it is!
    Your mandala is outstanding! You incorporated color into it beautifully!
    All my best-

  6. your mandala is amazing! the detail and colors are so good. Love the grid and how the colors really flow.

  7. Red and turquoise are amazing together... your grid is beautiful and so are the mandalas I've seen! Thank you for visiting my blog, I've been enjoying meeting new artists through the crusades! Happy creations, tj in germany

  8. I am sitting here in the Outer Banks, just loving this eye candy. The mandala is gorgeous beyond belief; I love the color combination! And that grid page...wow!!!! It doesn't need a thing.

  9. Both the mandala and the grid page is awesome, well done girl! :-) I think maybe the grid page needs some stamped letters or letter stickers saying one or two words? Just a suggestion. Take care!

  10. Fantastic work, the mandala and the grid page !! I need to do some serious paperpainting too, this looks so wonderful ! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  11. Love the grid. The different sizes are so neat.

  12. Both the grid work and the mandala are great. Love the colours in your created papers for the grid!

  13. Great Grid. Brilliant mandala - such attention to detail.

  14. yes, both are great! really love the bottom piece.

  15. Stunning - especially the papers with the drips. I think the result is beautiful, being a bit partial to red and purple myself ;-)