More Watercolor Fun!

Well I must be feeling better,
as this is the third post in a week!
I'm still in the "I want to play in my living room" 
mode, so it is my pad of paper
and watercolors it is.
This piece was done over a few evenings.
All I did was put my favorite colors down
and watch the colors blend and do their own thing.
I realized that I love blues and purples
and reds and oranges.
Basically the primary colors, mixed.
How ordinary.
The close up picture most closely represents
the vivid and brightness of the colors.
It is hard to take a picture of my paintings.
I couldn't put the 11x15 paper in my 
homemade light box,
so I had to make do with my desk light.
It was fun working on a larger piece of paper.
Maybe one day I will get courage to unwrap
those large canvases I have :)

On another note, a family I baby-sit for
gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble (they are awesome),
so after hemming and hawing I decided to purchase
Susan Tuttle's photography has 
always been something I've admired.
I've had Photoshop for a long time but never have 
really known how to do such creative and awesome
editing as she does.
I'm excited to learn! 


  1. Yay, some Art on the Couch! I'm so with you there Girl. :) So beautiful, love how it turned out!
    Much LOVE

  2. thanks paula for returning and believing in me. it means a lot.

  3. Art on the couch...now this is a good idea. It combines two of my most favouritest things!

    Love the first pic with the close up of the heart. Beautiful!

  4. oh my goodness.....that first photo is colorburst happiness!!!! it's really fabulous, dawn! i think that i might start taking my art pad into the living room and see what i come up with.....!!! keep having fun!!! xox, :))

  5. I love the colors you use in your work, so happy, so fun.

  6. Luv the fluidity of this piece & such gorgeous smiley colours.

    daisy xx