Mandala Happiness

I have long been inspired by people
who can draw the most gorgeous mandalas
(check out this flickr group)
I have been researching them over the past few weeks,
as I haven't wanted to create art 
except on my couch.
I figured a pen and this cute little moleskine I just bought
would probably be ok to do on the couch.
As pretty as they can be,
it seems many people were going on about how
soothing it was to make them.
Therapeutic, even.
I need as much therapy as I can get! haha
I also am a "struggling" doodler.
It doesn't come all that naturally to me,
and I figured that if I keep trying to draw
mandalas, maybe it will loosen me up.
So, here is my first serious one I tried.
See? Tiny!
At first I just felt frustrated that I suck at trying to think
about what to draw next. 
My mind is amazing at going blank when I 
force it to think about the next step.
After awhile, I realized that it IS
soothing to create a shape and 
just go around in a circle and repeat it.
I think I am a believer


  1. It's beautiful. Luv the touches of red & the swirly circles.

    daisy xx

  2. Dawn, I love your mandala!!! Aren't those moleskines the best? You've got such interesting patterns in there. Love the red :D
    Glad you shared :D

  3. This is lovely! I am also a struggling doodler, maybe I'll try it!

  4. Beautiful! I wish mine turned out that pretty!

  5. So wonderful to see your first mandala come to life, and to see your interest grow. Drawing abstract forms is relaxing and intriguing at the same time. Cheers!

  6. This is so amazing and beautiful, it inspires me to try play with mandalas again...! happy creations, tj