More Mandala Happiness

I am in Mandala-creating mode lately!
I like parts of this mandala...and parts I am "meh" about.
It is all part of the learning process, right?
I really like this one.
I used a compass to make it more symmetrical
and really like the result.
I am also working on Michelle Ward's Crusade #40:
Gridlocked. I feel like I am starting to 
jump back in the world of art making,
and boy it does feel nice.
It is also fun to see inspiration everywhere!
Stay tuned for my next post on Michelle's Crusade!


  1. I love what you did in the 2nd mandala!! The striped threads are so unique! Love the blue in it too! You are really loosening up!!! Yeah!

  2. Hello, Dawn!

    Thank-you so much for commenting on my graffiti journal! I loved this class and look forward to carving out some time to make another one. I am thinking maybe a little smaller with stars or my favorite...circles!

    Your mandalas are beautiful. I can't draw and don't think I have the patience to do something so detailed!