Art Journal page inspired by a 6 year old

Baby sitting this past weekend,
we decided to paint some wooden boxes.
I sat back and watched in delight
as he poured paint on,
spreading around whatever colors
he liked.
Ignoring color theory,
or any sort of "rules"
he just enjoyed putting paint down.
So refreshing.
A wonderful reminder to
paint with abandon.
I am leaving for my vacation up to the Adirondacks 
on Friday!!!!
I can NOT wait to relax.
Canoe, go on boat rides, lay on the beach,
go on hikes, read, paint, journal.
Take lots of pictures.
Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?
I hope so!
I hope I come back with lots of inspiration.
Check back at the end of next week for an update!

1 comment:

  1. i love watching kids create.....they are the ultimate "out of the box-ers"!! enjoy your trip.....and relax, relax, relax!!! xox, :))