Room Makeover!

I realized today that its been about two months
since I've done any art in my bedroom/studio.
I have taken over the kitchen table
Now I don't feel so bad about doing my 
artwork on my kitchen table, because
I can watch our GIGANTIC tv from
the kitchen. (My roommate works for an electronics company :))
Except, my art has spilled out into the living room floor too.
What can I say, I need SPACE to do what I need!
Except this apartment isn't mine alone.
My roommate is my best friend.
We have lived together almost 6 years,
known each other for 11.
So, we have a good relationship,
but I think I have pushed her last button with 
all my art supplies all over the place :)
Today I thought that if I got a bigger desk,
I'd be able to spread out more.
Of course, buying a new desk
led to me buying cute little storage bins,
and then of course to re-arrange my entire
You know how that goes!
Bedroom view from my doorway before...
(and not cleaned up either!)
View from the other side of my bedroom.
And this is the state it is in NOT in use.
Close-up on desk.
Next part: Phase 1: Project Move Furniture.
3 and a half hours later....this is where I am
View from my doorway.
Say hello to Fergy!
I moved my bed to the center of the room,
and plan on placing my desk near/in front of the window.
I've always wanted to have natural light at my desk.
Close up on the "art corner"
That trash bag?
Full of my paints/inks/mediums/paint brushes..mmmm...
I LOVE the little storage bins with fabric bins in them,
found at Target!
You can't really tell...
but there is a LOT of constructing
needed to put together this desk.
I can barely hammer a nail straight.
No joke.
Phase 2: Project Want to Die While I Make a Desk
will commence
tomorrow night :)
 Check out all the trash...
I am not even a pack rat,
and yet, when you move stuff around,
you always end up with lots of trash.
I love it!
 Oh, and I definitely needed this tonight:
(this shotglass was bought especially for me,
because I'm so short. My friends think it is HYSTERICAL!)


  1. Those are some fun pictures!! I love looking at others studios/ creative spaces! And mine is usually a organized mess too, I might add!!

  2. Dawn,
    I like your post. Keep up the great work of organizing your space. You'll be so happy when it's done! I appreciate your honest photos.

  3. Cool! I Have really been outgrowing my art desk in our family room and have been thinking of ways to reconfigure to allow me for more art space and storage. I look forward to the after pictures!