Phase 2 Complete in Room Makeover

Two full evenings later...
my desk is built.
I finished at MIDNIGHT
tonight, after working since 5pm, with
a minor break to watch
So You Think You Can Dance.
I am now just winding down
hours later 
(I can't bear to look at a clock right now)
and it hurts to type because
my fingers are so sore 
from putting in about 10 million
For not being a handy person
I must say I am VERY proud that I put together
this rather large desk.
I didn't think about assembling it
before I bought it. I just went "looks good!"
Looks like maybe I should have thunk ahead.
This probably could have taken
a normal person maybe 3 hours...
and it took me a total of like 11.
Pictures will come tomorrow,
and then Phase 3 Begins!
The part where you get to organize
and decorate.
That is my favorite part!
I'm so tired and have be up at work in entirely too few hours.


  1. Congratulation!!! I'll be back for the unveiling :D

  2. you go girl!!! i'm so proud of you for putting that together all by yourself.....all of those instructions and tiny screws make my head spin! i can't wait to see more!! :))