Two Days: Two wall shelves built

Oh man.
It took an ENTIRE weekend,
two phone calls to dad,
another trip to Lowes
(that was unnecessary)
to put up two shelves
that should have taken
half an hour.
30 minutes.
It took me longer to figure this s**t out
than to build a DESK!
After a hot bath,
and a glass of bourbon,
I can finally relax a little.
I have a sore neck and back,
but am SO glad its done.
Ignore those holes on the bottom of the top shelf.
I only tried to put it in 3 different times.
Turns out that I do NOT have drywall,
which is why no drywall anchor worked.
Apparently my wall is made of plaster?
My dad figured that out.
Over the phone.
Aren't dad's the best?
My little art corner is slowly shaping up.
My pretty little guy, Jack, loves this desk
so close to the windowsill.
Being a kitty is hard work.

Stay tuned for Strip Ease: Michelle Ward's Crusade


  1. Where there's a will there's a way!! Congrats on the shelves :D It's looking mighty spiffy :D

  2. your art room looks great and glad you got help with those shelves..I reckon you deserve a couple of glass of bourbon1