Drawing Practice

I have been one of those people
who SWEAR up and down they can't draw.
I still will tell you that.
I will tell you how awesome my brother is,
and I was the one shorted in the creativity department.
But, boosted in some self-confidence that I can
be creative, just in a different way,
I decided I wanted to learn how to draw.
It can only help, right?
Plus, I was inspired by Andrea's (AMAZING)
drawing skills, so I have been
drawing a little every day.
A few minutes here and there at work,
a little at home.
I've borrowed some books from the library.
I must say, I am pleased so far.
Not because anything is good
but because I am continuing to try.
Bear with me as I post some of my efforts!
My white balance is so off in all these photos!
It is all the same moleskine, I just suck
at making sure they all look the same ;)
This is to basically show you how
much I need to learn.
This is me trying to draw my feet 
(as I lay on the couch)
by drawing what I see.
There truly is a disconnect
between what you think you see,
and what there really is.
Plus, perspective and angles and curves
are all so HARD for me!
And shading.
Tonight, I tried to draw my eyes.
They look nothing like me,
but as eyes overall,
I don't think they are TOO bad.
The right eye looks surprised/scared
and the left eye looks sort of sad.
What do you think that says about
my mental health?


  1. Dawn, these are really good!!! I'm just like you, draw a little every day......cuz I know I need the practice...Good for you! Keep it up girl :D

  2. You are great!! I'm curious if you can recommend any drawing books? I too am trying to learn to draw. I grew up in the shadow of my very talented artist Grandma and have always been a little afraid to try and fail. I've decided to try anyway. I was inspired on my journey when I came across Anna Denise's journal pages on flickr which led me to her blog: http://www.annadenise.nl/ I thought you might find it inspiring too. Take care and thanks!