Finally sat down and painted

I was beginning to worry that i would never
feel like art journaling/painting again!
Even after I put in all that hard work
to re-do my room and dedicate
a bigger space and more organization
to my art area, I did nothing.
I sat and stared at its beauty
and organization for a full week.
Then my co-worker inspired me.
So I picked up the paint brush,
sat at my desk,
and got out the anxiety and worries
from the past few weeks that have been plaguing me.
I hope you enjoy!
What anxiety looks like to me.
Lots of layers, and almost all fingerpainting here.
I thought I'd try it out, and it seemed fitting
for the feelings going into it.
Lots of layers and scratches.
The words are from a David Gray song:
"My oh my, it just don't stop.
My mind, I want to tear it up.
I try to fight it,
try to turn it off."

The calm after the storm. 
This has many layers of blue paints
mixed in there, painted with a palette knife
and a sponge brush.
I carved that little Buddha stamp,
cute isn't it?
Now only if my mind could focus
on the tranquility that envelopes me
when I am not plagued by worry.

PS: I used so many more of my supplies
when I had everything organized,
in its own space,
and easily accessible.
Before, it all was shoved on my desk
and mostly crammed in my bookshelf.
It was not conducive to art making.
When everything is messy and disorganized,
it takes a lot of effort to use it.
When we are in the midst of our flow,
we don't want to mess it up by having to root
through all our crap, do we?
I'm so glad I put in that work,
because so far it has paid off!


  1. Dawn, these pages are GORGEOUS!! That red/purple has a lot of passion and energy! Wonderful media to express yourself. I ADORE that blue and white page! So calming.....I always forget just how much I like those two colors together! Perfect :D

  2. What a contrast between your two pieces, Dawn. It just shows art can be therapeutic as well as fun, as well as producing such fabulous results.

    I completely agree about the workspace. I am definitely more creative when my area is tidy and everything is where it should be - unfortunately it never stays that way!!

  3. I do think you were worried for nothing for look at the great flow that you just found again when it was time ? Love these two pieces ! Want your buddha stamp (I think I will carve my own right after I finish commenting) ! I also know exactly what you mean about the clean up, purging and organizing. I did a big job of that about a month and a half ago in my studio and love that I know where everything is and just have to reach for it. Putting it back where it goes is still my challenge but it is so much easier when everything has a place !
    Wonderful creating, Dawn! May the flow continue for you...