ArtFest 2011: Should I do it?

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Should I do it?
Registration was due about 3 weeks ago, but it seems there are still spaces available.
Its SO expensive, and a $300 deposit is due with registration.
Its on the opposite side of the country.
I'd know no one.
It seems amazing and exciting and filled with lots of learning.


  1. I've never been, but it would be such an adventure! I'm sure you'd leave with lots of new friends. :)

    If you're in Virginia, you should check out Art & Soul (they come to Hampton every year). I'm not affiliated with them or paid to chat them up ... I've been every year they've been here and had a great time!

    You can't go wrong either way! Good luck.

  2. One of these days I'm GOING TO GO!!! I used to live real close to there and it is such pretty country. Where they have the workshop in Port Townsend is where they filmed Officer and a Gentlemen a long time ago. I say....GO FOR IT!! You'll be glad you did :D

  3. Oh, go! Have an adventure. Gonna ditto Jeannine's thoughts on going to Hampton. It's one awesome art making party, and you'll "know" some folks there...me and Jeannin!

  4. I am lucky enough to live about 50 miles away, so I have been several times. It seems expensive, but it is so worth it, and whether you know anyone or not before you go, I promise you will make lots of friends. It is divine!