Works in Progress

I've spent the last week or two ruminating
on some ideas, and thinking about
how I want their final output to look like.
I'm still ruminating, but I have at least started
Have a look see at my beginning stages.
You may notice each one is in a completely
different journal/paper type.
This is the biggest size, 9x12 I believe.
What hopefully will be a birthday present for my dad.
Inspired by a painting I saw in my boss's house whilst babysitting.
 This little sketch (in my Sketchbook Project) was inspired by some
Sarah McLachlan lyrics.
I plan on using watercolor in some fashion.
And this little bugger is inspired by
my favorite little guy that I babysit for.
He likes Legos.
I hope this turns out as nicely as I have it pictured in my head.
I practiced the letter drawings on tracing paper,
an idea stolen from Andrea Joseph.
Except, if I were to transfer it onto the paper,
the letters would have been put on backwards!
After some thought (I spent nearly two hours doing this...)
I decided to just cut the letters out and glue it right to the page.
It quickly answered what medium I was going to use;
It would be hard to do watercolor or pen over gel mediumed 
tracing paper.
Acrylics, I hope I still know how to use you!
As you may see, I'm still on the quest to
learn to draw.
Just keep practicing.
Stay tuned for (hopefully) some finished products.

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