Hello blogger friends!
I am back from KC, and have mostly finished
my pages that I worked on during my mini-vacation.
I actually brought my sketchbook with me
almost everywhere we went.
I was nervous.
This was the first time I've been exposed
in my art making.
Sure, I've posted stuff online,
but it isn't the same as actually doing it in front of people.
(hold those dirty thoughts!)
They are only my favorite people,
and yet I was almost embarassed.
What if they made fun of me for being an art dork?
What if they didn't like what I was doing?
What if they didn't even care?
Hello insecurities, nice to see you.
But, I did it.
I told them right off the bat that this sketchbook was
going to be traveling with me all weekend,
and it was ok.
Now...onto the pictures.
Enjoy :)
This isn't finished yet.
I want to color the letters and finish coloring the plane
I like trying to figure out the art of cross-hatching with a ballpoint
This spread isn't finished either.
The checkerboard needs to be colored in,
and on the right side, I need to finish the background coloring.
Close up.
Definitely my favorite shading with cross-hatching to date.
Oklahoma Joe's banner with some doodles (that need to be colored)
Apparently this is the #1 BBQ place in the US,
and #13 in the world, according to Anthony Bourdain.
Delicious food.
I saw this, and how can you NOT draw it!
We only went to the outdoor part of the museum
that had the gigantic shuttlecocks on display.
Yes, my friends and I went cuz its funny.
*insert dirty thoughts here*
Doing some slow journaling (a la Daisy Yellow)
from a relaxing day.
We played cards.
I really like this page.
True Story.
Creepy neighbor came into my friend's backyard
because we were screaming as we killed the world's GROSSEST SPIDER.
We told her that we were fine, we just killed a really big spider.
"How lame," she says...about 5 times.
The next day, we wake up to find 2 construction paper
spiders taped to the front door!!!!

Some pages aren't quite done, but I couldn't wait any longer to post.
I feel like I'm being a traitor and ignoring my art journal.
I also am already sad I'm going to have to give this
sketchbook up in January.


  1. What a HUGE step to bring and make your art out in public. Congrats... I know how scary it can be. I'm loving all you got done... especially "Butt Rub." Hilarious. I think the best part will be the memories you have of the trip as you look back on the artwork. Happy creations from germany, tj

  2. What awesome journal pages. My favorite is the last spread about the spider. Your shading is looking great! Wishing you a great weekend of peace and creativity.

  3. Your sketches are great! I've had the same issue with journaling or sketching in front of people - I get so nervous! Recently I actually brought my journal outside with a bunch of paints and things to make art in public for the first time ever. It was surprisingly cathartic, and no one seemed to care :)

  4. I so enjoyed seeing these; thanks for sharing. A huge congrats to you for sketching in public. Sketching is something I want to do more of, but it frustrates me!

  5. I really, really like the bit about the spider slaying.