Want to learn how to draw?

If you've been reading this blog at all,
you'll notice that I am on a quest to learn how to draw.
I don't have any extra money right now, so I have checked out books
from the library, did some free online tutorials.
These all helped. 
It has given me enough confidence to think that maybe
I can actually maybe do it!!!
But, I keep running up against problems.
Perspective. It is DIFFICULT.
I ran across the Wet Canvas Forums a few days ago.
Oh my god! The information there!!
The best thing? (Well, I think so anyway!)
It is an entire forum split up into lessons, each dedicated to their own thread.
Each class has its own downloadable PDF!
It is still an active forum, and the people running it
are informative and friendly.
I just started the first lesson today.
I printed out the first few lessons, and put them
in a handy dandy binder.
Just an example of how ALREADY it is helping me...
A kleenex box I drew a little over a week ago
The most frustrating part for me was I could not understand
how to get the angles right. It drove me batty! So I gave up.
 The same Kleenex box, drawn tonight.
Ok, so there is still a lot wrong with it...hehe,
but it is in PERSPECTIVE.
Ahh, glorious! 
I can't wait to join in on the discussion in these classes.
Some were started quite some time ago, but I'm not worried.
Will you come join?


  1. Dawn, good for you to GO OUT THERE and learn what you want to!! I think there is a tendency with thinking of art, that it all must just come to the person naturally....but really there's alot of theory behind it too. I think that I need to go study somemore!!! I like that kleenex box :D

  2. Hey Dawn. I used to go to Wet Canvas, but 'Dropped Out' as I did'nt have the time to continue with what I was learning... and I've seen some of your other sketch work and you CAN draw...

  3. How great it is to find free resources, isn't it? Perspective is easy once you get it, so keep going. :-)

  4. Hey Dawn.....I can't find a CONTACT YOU button...can you send me your email addy...I'm at elg921@yahoo.com.....
    Thanks much :D

  5. I think it is so cool that you are working on learning to draw. Way to go!

    I am also loving the new banner!