In Flight: A mini vacation

Hey folks!
Me and my Sketchbook are flying off to Kansas
for an extended weekend with friends.
Oh, how I need this break from work.
I hope to come back refreshed and full of drawings from my Sketchbook.
But, probably not...because I will end up just enjoying
my time with friends.
I shall leave you with some new blogs that I've found recently.
Hope you enjoy :)

Lisa Lights a Fire: Awesome artwork/doodles
Journals and Sketchbooks: Exactly what it sounds like :)
Flora Bowley: Her blog is new, but her art...oh my. Gorgeous use of color
Louise Gale: Another feast for the eyes
Sue Doodles: Dooldle-icious


  1. Dawn, Have a great trip! Nothing like a getaway with people you love!! Off to check out your links :D

  2. Have a great trip ! Thanks for the link love.
    Safe travels.

  3. Thanks for posting those links! All great, inspirational blogs! :) Have a fun trip!