Watercolor Practice, drawing practice

Ok, so this cloud picture has nothing to do with my post.
I just like it :)
I took it on the way back to VA from Kansas a few weeks ago.
I've had my hand in dabbling in a few different things:
I am enamored with watercolors at the moment,
I still want to practice developing my drawing skills,
I am still working (slowly) on my Sketchbook.
My poor art journal is very lonely, 
but I know I will get back to it eventually.
Tonight I practiced and played with my watercolors.
I love the softness and flow of watercolors,
the way the colors just bleed into each other.
UPDATED: I want to make a note, that the paper I re-bound my sketchbook with
is Rives BK paper, which I believe is a printmaking paper.
It is so soft and smooth, but the way it takes watercolors is beyond stupendous.
The colors just melt into the paper effortlessly, mix and mingle.
Pure joy.
I also am trying to keep on working on my Sketchbook.
Not every page is a finished "piece."
I am documenting my Journey through this little art thing
I got going on; my take on In Flight.

I babysat my boss's kid last week,
and used that opportunity to practice some drawing skills.

 The top picture I am trying to realistically draw some wood grain.
It takes patience and diligience!
You can see I gave up after awhile.
The second picture is something I sketched from
a painting hanging on my boss's wall.
I love her painting, and this is my take on it.
I have started a larger drawing
to turn into a painting of my own for my dad's upcoming birthday.
I just can't decide if I want to do watercolor or acrylics.
Last, but not least...a little "doodle" practice.
I am a horrible, awful, no good, terrible doodler.
I can not just sit and let my mind wander and draw aimlessly.
I need ideas, patterns, something concrete.
So, I drew some doodles from all sorts of places for inspiration,
mainly flickr.
 I do love sepia pens though :)


  1. Thanks for commenting on my art slump. It's always good to hear that others have gone through the same thing!

    As for what you said here "I am a horrible, awful, no good, terrible doodler"....that is NOT true! I like everything I see here, and besides doodling is supposed to be free and easy with no direction in mind. It's a form of meditation for me.

  2. ahh yes, but i'm NOT doodling here! this is all seeing what I like in others drawings and designs and trying to incorporate it into something that is me. That sounds like stealing, but its not. I'm trying to learn how to open my mind to different ways of doodling, because I really can't. My mind goes blank and nothing happens.

  3. HI Dawn,
    Your watercolor practice page is awesome! Keep showing us more of your sketch book!