Want to learn how to draw?

If you've been reading this blog at all,
you'll notice that I am on a quest to learn how to draw.
I don't have any extra money right now, so I have checked out books
from the library, did some free online tutorials.
These all helped. 
It has given me enough confidence to think that maybe
I can actually maybe do it!!!
But, I keep running up against problems.
Perspective. It is DIFFICULT.
I ran across the Wet Canvas Forums a few days ago.
Oh my god! The information there!!
The best thing? (Well, I think so anyway!)
It is an entire forum split up into lessons, each dedicated to their own thread.
Each class has its own downloadable PDF!
It is still an active forum, and the people running it
are informative and friendly.
I just started the first lesson today.
I printed out the first few lessons, and put them
in a handy dandy binder.
Just an example of how ALREADY it is helping me...
A kleenex box I drew a little over a week ago
The most frustrating part for me was I could not understand
how to get the angles right. It drove me batty! So I gave up.
 The same Kleenex box, drawn tonight.
Ok, so there is still a lot wrong with it...hehe,
but it is in PERSPECTIVE.
Ahh, glorious! 
I can't wait to join in on the discussion in these classes.
Some were started quite some time ago, but I'm not worried.
Will you come join?


Works in Progress

I've spent the last week or two ruminating
on some ideas, and thinking about
how I want their final output to look like.
I'm still ruminating, but I have at least started
Have a look see at my beginning stages.
You may notice each one is in a completely
different journal/paper type.
This is the biggest size, 9x12 I believe.
What hopefully will be a birthday present for my dad.
Inspired by a painting I saw in my boss's house whilst babysitting.
 This little sketch (in my Sketchbook Project) was inspired by some
Sarah McLachlan lyrics.
I plan on using watercolor in some fashion.
And this little bugger is inspired by
my favorite little guy that I babysit for.
He likes Legos.
I hope this turns out as nicely as I have it pictured in my head.
I practiced the letter drawings on tracing paper,
an idea stolen from Andrea Joseph.
Except, if I were to transfer it onto the paper,
the letters would have been put on backwards!
After some thought (I spent nearly two hours doing this...)
I decided to just cut the letters out and glue it right to the page.
It quickly answered what medium I was going to use;
It would be hard to do watercolor or pen over gel mediumed 
tracing paper.
Acrylics, I hope I still know how to use you!
As you may see, I'm still on the quest to
learn to draw.
Just keep practicing.
Stay tuned for (hopefully) some finished products.


ArtFest 2011: Should I do it?

(logo borrowed from teeshamoore.com)
Should I do it?
Registration was due about 3 weeks ago, but it seems there are still spaces available.
Its SO expensive, and a $300 deposit is due with registration.
Its on the opposite side of the country.
I'd know no one.
It seems amazing and exciting and filled with lots of learning.


Watercolor Practice, drawing practice

Ok, so this cloud picture has nothing to do with my post.
I just like it :)
I took it on the way back to VA from Kansas a few weeks ago.
I've had my hand in dabbling in a few different things:
I am enamored with watercolors at the moment,
I still want to practice developing my drawing skills,
I am still working (slowly) on my Sketchbook.
My poor art journal is very lonely, 
but I know I will get back to it eventually.
Tonight I practiced and played with my watercolors.
I love the softness and flow of watercolors,
the way the colors just bleed into each other.
UPDATED: I want to make a note, that the paper I re-bound my sketchbook with
is Rives BK paper, which I believe is a printmaking paper.
It is so soft and smooth, but the way it takes watercolors is beyond stupendous.
The colors just melt into the paper effortlessly, mix and mingle.
Pure joy.
I also am trying to keep on working on my Sketchbook.
Not every page is a finished "piece."
I am documenting my Journey through this little art thing
I got going on; my take on In Flight.

I babysat my boss's kid last week,
and used that opportunity to practice some drawing skills.

 The top picture I am trying to realistically draw some wood grain.
It takes patience and diligience!
You can see I gave up after awhile.
The second picture is something I sketched from
a painting hanging on my boss's wall.
I love her painting, and this is my take on it.
I have started a larger drawing
to turn into a painting of my own for my dad's upcoming birthday.
I just can't decide if I want to do watercolor or acrylics.
Last, but not least...a little "doodle" practice.
I am a horrible, awful, no good, terrible doodler.
I can not just sit and let my mind wander and draw aimlessly.
I need ideas, patterns, something concrete.
So, I drew some doodles from all sorts of places for inspiration,
mainly flickr.
 I do love sepia pens though :)


Playing in my art journal again

And it feels wonderful
Playing with my watercolors. 
I have been inspired (again) by Geninne's amazing watercolors.
There is so much to learn.
How does she make the colors swirl so gorgeously?
I also joined in on Michelle Ward's 44th Crusade.
I have painted by scraping with a card or palette knife
many times, but it was the perfect prompt
to get me back in my art journal.
What I started with:
pre-painted page and my scraping devices.
Many layers later, I ended up with this:
I scraped on paint,
sprayed water and dabbed off.
Scraped on more paint, dabbed water...
At the end I added in some birdie masks
with some spray ink.
Now this page is just waiting for some journaling!

Next up was an art project with the kids I babysit for.
I love these kids, so last night I made them little
books out of recycled cereal boxes and extra moleskine paper
from my Sketchbook Project rebinding.
I decided it would be fun to have them design their own stamps,
and I would cut them out. 
Max, who's 6, wrote out the "I love you Mama and Mommi"
How cute is that?!
It is such an EASY thing to do if you have kids.
I also think how it is a permanent reminder
of them stuck in time.
All I did was have them draw in pencil 
whatever they wanted on tracing paper.
We then flipped over the paper onto the rubber,
gently rubbed the back of the paper to transfer the graphite,
and then drew over the design in Sharpie.
I cut out the stamps while they painted their book covers.
I love it. 



Hello blogger friends!
I am back from KC, and have mostly finished
my pages that I worked on during my mini-vacation.
I actually brought my sketchbook with me
almost everywhere we went.
I was nervous.
This was the first time I've been exposed
in my art making.
Sure, I've posted stuff online,
but it isn't the same as actually doing it in front of people.
(hold those dirty thoughts!)
They are only my favorite people,
and yet I was almost embarassed.
What if they made fun of me for being an art dork?
What if they didn't like what I was doing?
What if they didn't even care?
Hello insecurities, nice to see you.
But, I did it.
I told them right off the bat that this sketchbook was
going to be traveling with me all weekend,
and it was ok.
Now...onto the pictures.
Enjoy :)
This isn't finished yet.
I want to color the letters and finish coloring the plane
I like trying to figure out the art of cross-hatching with a ballpoint
This spread isn't finished either.
The checkerboard needs to be colored in,
and on the right side, I need to finish the background coloring.
Close up.
Definitely my favorite shading with cross-hatching to date.
Oklahoma Joe's banner with some doodles (that need to be colored)
Apparently this is the #1 BBQ place in the US,
and #13 in the world, according to Anthony Bourdain.
Delicious food.
I saw this, and how can you NOT draw it!
We only went to the outdoor part of the museum
that had the gigantic shuttlecocks on display.
Yes, my friends and I went cuz its funny.
*insert dirty thoughts here*
Doing some slow journaling (a la Daisy Yellow)
from a relaxing day.
We played cards.
I really like this page.
True Story.
Creepy neighbor came into my friend's backyard
because we were screaming as we killed the world's GROSSEST SPIDER.
We told her that we were fine, we just killed a really big spider.
"How lame," she says...about 5 times.
The next day, we wake up to find 2 construction paper
spiders taped to the front door!!!!

Some pages aren't quite done, but I couldn't wait any longer to post.
I feel like I'm being a traitor and ignoring my art journal.
I also am already sad I'm going to have to give this
sketchbook up in January.


In Flight: A mini vacation

Hey folks!
Me and my Sketchbook are flying off to Kansas
for an extended weekend with friends.
Oh, how I need this break from work.
I hope to come back refreshed and full of drawings from my Sketchbook.
But, probably not...because I will end up just enjoying
my time with friends.
I shall leave you with some new blogs that I've found recently.
Hope you enjoy :)

Lisa Lights a Fire: Awesome artwork/doodles
Journals and Sketchbooks: Exactly what it sounds like :)
Flora Bowley: Her blog is new, but her art...oh my. Gorgeous use of color
Louise Gale: Another feast for the eyes
Sue Doodles: Dooldle-icious