My sweet Hugo

 I inherited my roommates Flip video camera today! While awesome, she warned me that there probably was going to be Hugo footage on there.

Oh yeah. I forgot that she videotaped him when she first got the camera back in October of 2007. This was right before he got really sick too. Ironically, these videos were taped exactly two years ago, today. There are only three, and they are short and really of him purring...but I forgot how loud his purr was, or how soft his meow was, and especially how fluffy his tail was. How sweet and beautiful he was.

Here's a small video. Its not much, just showcasing his loud purring and his non-meow meow. I miss him.


  1. Your Hugo was such a beautiful furbaby. How wonderful that you have these memories.

  2. Hi Dawn. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog and about my Artful Blogging article (hello BIG dream come true!).

    Have a great week!!!