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Still working on trying new techniques....

On this spread, I tried focusing more on my writing...making THAT the interesting focal point of the spread. As you can see, I tried to go for a more "graffiti" style. The yellow page is really one of my new favorites!

Oh. This page. I decided to try and do a prototype of an idea I got from Traci Bautista, a Graffiti Wall. I bought a large (18x24)!! canvas to do this for my room. What am I, crazy?! I think so. The largest thing I've painted on is a 9x12 piece of watercolor paper! The idea of a grungy, colorful, messy painting to hang on my wall really entices me though.

A few things I learned practicing it in my journal.

1. MAKE SURE you use a permanent marker. DUH. I had bought this new calligraphy marker (that barely dispenses any ink) and used it...only to find out it wasn't permanent and spread with my addition of gel medium.

2. THINK ABOUT COMPOSITION EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE! I mean, seriously. I am trying to let go, and enjoy the process of making art..except I just go a little too crazy and come out with stuff that isn't well composed.

3. Focus more on values in color. I realized about 2/3 in that the blue and purple were both dark, and therefore there wasn't any contrast in my painting. I tried lightening up the purple, but I'm still not 100% satisfied.

4. Even though I put "I am An Artist" on these pages...I don't really believe it.

So...the spread, I don't hate...I don't love. I did learn some things, and that is always good, right?

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  1. oh yes, you're learning by leaps and bounds!! woo hoo!! and....an 18x24" canvas?!! you go girl!! i love your ambition and willingness to step on out of your comfort zone....that's fantastic! and i agree with you about your yellow lettering page....it's fabulous.....definitely deserves to be in a frame somewhere on your wall! i love the edgy feel of it!

    thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog....i love it when you stop by!! hugs, :))