Brave the Elements

Its back!!! Michelle's Crusades have returned for the new year. YAY! I have been waiting anxiously for them. I loveeeeee her posts and ideas about each crusade to come up with. It gives me a project to do. I learn something new. I did have to google how to cut out a snowflake though! lol. I don't think I've done one since I was a kid. This month it is "Brave the Elements." We had to make our own shape (she suggested snowflakes..and that is about right since we haven't seen this much snow since 96!), and use it to make stencils/masks out of.

This is my version.
#1. I suck at making paper snowflakes
#2. I need to learn patience. I got a little paint happy and didn't wait for paint to dry, so its a little muddy.
#3. Boy do I LOVE getting my hands dirty
#4. This isn't completely finished. I'll probably journal on top of it or doodle or something.

(Click to enlarge)
(Anybody know how to fix the picture so that when you put it on "XLarge, it doesn't cut off the right side of the photo?)

Also a spread in progress...


  1. Seriously? You had to google cutting a snowflake? Oh my...maybe I should have given a tutorial on that one..... You definitely made me laugh on that Dawn. Thanks for sharing your pages, and more importantly - your enthusiasm for getting messy!

  2. I love it that you jumped right in, even though you needed a snowflake refresher! These are very nice, and please share if you add anything.

  3. What fun pages! Nothing wrong with a snowflake refresher course ;) Getting mess is the best!

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Cool colors.

  5. This looks like fun! I may have to sign up to the crusades.

    PS When making snowflakes with my sons several years ago, I ended up having to google how to do it too! :p

  6. I had some trouble too cutting snowflakes! Love your stitching on the second photo! The stars are cool too and a lot easier to do than snowflakes.

  7. Hello Dawn,

    I had to smile when you say you had to google up " snowflakes", but hey that's what internet is perfect for !
    And sometimes something is so long ago, you forget just the details about how to do something. So, you're a clever girl for helping yourself out !

    I didn't use internet for mine, but I got inspiration for my snowflakes from a Dover book.... Any inspiration is welcome !

    greetings from Belgium

  8. Getting dirty is the most fun, right up there with creating a pretty page just like yours!

  9. Practice will make perfect for the snowflake cutting but you have the playing down pat !
    Nice job, Crusader !
    Cheers !

  10. I can sympathize with you about cutting the snowflakes! It had been shall we say a FEW years since I'd done that!!

    And I like getting my hands dirty, too! I think your pages are fun and creative....and that's the most important part.

  11. Snap! I had to google snowflakes too, because mine were hopeless LOL. We can form a new FaceBook group, something like "I can't make snowflakes". Anyway, I really like the colours you picked for your layout. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I had to watch a tutorial on how to cut them...lol

    Still a nice page, Dawn!

  13. I love the plum color in contrast to the blue-green shade. I guess we all had snowflake distortion!

  14. Getting messy is the best! Thanks for sharing.