Color, Color, Collloorrrrrr

(picture that with a song and dance, please) :)

I am taking Julie Prichard (I can NOT stay away from her classes! Thanks Julie for making me broke!) and Chris Cozen's "Color: Beyond Basics" class. I debated...and debated because funds are limited...and everyone knows how it is in January with money. We have none. BUT, I love color so much and just want to learn and learn, so I say, 'What the hey!" (Yeah I rhyme) and just did it.

Only on lesson 2, and I have learned so much about the paints I already have. Rock on!

Now a picture gallery.

Who knew making color wheels would be so much fun?

The best part of playing with paint, is you get to throw the leftovers on paper and in your art journal. 
These backgrounds will hopefully be the start of another colorful journey.

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