Art/Idea board: FILLED

I have spent the last couple of days compiling all my notes/art journaling magazine/books on my computer to have my Idea Board filled up. (Mostly at work...SHHHHH...) Today, I finished, printed them out, pasted them on sprayed cardstock...and this is the finished product. I love it! I used
(from Traci's website...and quite frankly the most amazing book EVER...filled with ideas and glorious pictures. I want to sleep with it under my pillow.)



ALL of these publications are yummy. Well-written, full of information...but more importantly, glorious, large, glossy pictures. I made this idea art board because I have a problem with going "I don't know what to do!" For me, I need prompts/ideas. This board is directly above my desk, and full of color, so I have no excuse :)

Also, inspired by Traci Bautista, I bought an 18x24" canvas yesterday! (eep!) I plan on doing a "Graffiti Wall" for my room. We shall see how that turns out...

It is a rainy sunday, and perfect for art-making.


  1. This is so cool!!! Such EYE CANDY!!! I may borrow this idea and do it for quotes! Love it :D

  2. What a neat idea...I love the color and sheer energy of it all!

  3. Do you still have this list of art notes? I'd love to see it! You should post it on your blog!