Going with the flow

I always read my favorite bloggers say how their art journaling process is intuitive. That has always befuddled me, because my process is not. I think about it as I go, and  I usually need SOME sort of idea to start. A color scheme, lyrics...some basic sort of design idea. I generally just can't sit down, stare at my supplies, and go. This sort of intuitive, going with the flow process has intrigued me. Probably because I can't do that in real life. I am laid back and go with the flow in that respect, but not for big life things.

Anyway...to my point, last night I had a couple of adult beverages, and I think it help release some inhibitions I was harboring. I churned out two pages in an hour, and I am very pleased with the results. They are fun.

I am still harboring DIna here with the colorful spray inks she uses. I L.O.V.E the colors. So bright, and vibrant don't you think? This is a mixture of spray ink (which loves to stay stained on your hands), gesso, neocolor crayons, hand-carved stamps and stencils and patterns. I also tried my hand at calligraphy...an interesting endeavor. I am a lefty, so trying to figure out how to write with one of these things has proved to be veryyyyy difficult. The world is made for rightys!

This page came to me while I was out running. Funny how you have your best thoughts while in the shower/on the toilet/out exercising. I think it is because part of your brain is focused on the relatively menial task at hand, and the other part is allowed to roam more freely than if I were just to sit and think about said idea and get stuck. I was listening to "Pig" by DMB (One of my very favorite songs), and this image of this painting came to me. I just had t do it.
I also messed up on the lyrics, hehe. You can also see my amazing drawing skills, which I also messed up by smudging the ink. Oh well! The final product came out similar to what was in my head...and that never happens!

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  1. These are great! I love all that beautiful texture on the first one! Both So cool :D