First 3 pages of The Sketchbook

I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y started on my Sketchbook!
That little blurred out bit is my blog address, 
which is for my family.
I don't want everyone in my family seeing this blog.
This is the first page.
I debated long and hard on how I wanted to use the theme In Flight.
I eventually came up with the idea
of how a tiny (not so pretty) caterpillar
transforms itself into a beautiful and colorful butterfly.
I feel as if I'm that little caterpillar
and hope to one day become a butterfly;
through my art.
Oh, how I worked ALL DAY on this!
There is still a lot wrong with it,
but you know what?
I think I've come quite a ways 
from just a month or two ago in my drawing abilities.
I'm proud of what I did!
I hope you all enjoy this journey I'm on.


  1. I think there is a lot RIGHT with it.....

    Keep it up!

  2. Hey butterfly-girl :D Love the butterfly, so colorful, I could look at butterflies all day! The colored in portion of the art supplies is very well done! You are off to a FANTASTIC start!! Go girl Go!!

  3. P.s. I really like the way you colored in the loops on the letters too!!! Must try that myself someday :D

  4. I agree with Missy K - there is a lot right with this ! Focus there and keep going. I am already impressed 'cause you are far ahead of me !
    Keep on sketching, Girl !

  5. What are you talking about?? I think it's PERFECT! I love rough, raw drawings..they are so much more interesting. If I wanted realism I wouldn't look at a drawing...just life. Great job =)

  6. Hi, Dawn. Nice to find you and your blog, and your sketchbook! I just received my book in the mail today and can't wait to get started, but am also wondering how I will fill all of these pages, :0! I look forward to getting to know you, and share journaling pages with you ~~ thanks to Eden introducing us! Your butterfly is beautiful with all of its pretty colors, and I LOVE your drawing of the supplies ~~ it's GREAT! Happy Journaling! ~~ Jeanne