The Artist's Way and Morning Pages

I forgot to talk about this in my last post!

I have FAILED miserably in doing the Artist's Way. I have actually read through 5 weeks, and do some (very little) of the exercises. I am trying to keep an open mind about it, but it is hard. This goes so against my logical/rational thinking. To think by doing these exercises and writing three pages in the morning, it is going to unlock some powerful things. For one, many of these beginning chapters mainly have tasks focused on reviewing your childhood. That is a problem. I do not remember most of my childhood, and can barely answer most of these questions. Favorite toy? I was told I played with my Barbies a lot. Favorite Movie? Does seeing the Lion King around 14 count? From about 12ish on, I can sort of remember, and from 15 on, my memory is pretty good. I can't get in touch with the past, because I don't remember it.

Another thing. About those morning pages. I've done about 4 or 5 pages in 3 weeks. Obviously I have failed on that end. I have my journal next to my bed with a pen...but I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate mornings. I barely make it to work every day on time (and I live 3 minutes away), and only roll out of bed when I realize I have approximately 4.5 seconds to shower and get to work. My brain does not function like a normal human's would in the morning. No matter how much I tell myself that I WILL get out of bed when my alarm goes off, therefore giving me plenty of time to wake up and get ready, I never do it. I half-remember turning off my alarm (and yes, its far away enough to make me get up), and cuddling right back under the covers. Somehow I most of  time wake up with just enough time to scramble in the shower, brush my teeth, make coffee and run out the door.

So, for those of you who have done and really seen benefits of doing these morning pages, what can I do? I really just want to do them at night. I am such a night owl. It would be a million times easier for me to write them before bed. I would do them every night. She swears in the book that in the morning is the best time, and I can understand, I just don't know how feasible it really is.



  1. You're going to hate this, but I think that if you have that much resistance to doing the morning pages, it is probably something you need to do. Something that will be very powerful and potentially life-changing for you, if you can stick to it. Of course, that's coming from someone who didn't make it through the Artist's Way...twice.
    You might be amazed by what you can accomplish if you decide to do it in the mornings.

  2. Dawn, I do my morning pages at night! Yep, rebel that i am! I find that for me, to just do them, at any time, gets me in touch with a certain part of me that i can't get to just by thinking or feeling.....I need to write to myself, for myself! Good luck and i say write when you want! My two cents!

  3. Don't feel bad, I failed at the Artist's Way too. I just can't get my crap together in the AM to journal. I journal after I've been awake for awhile or in the evening. I prefer to get it out in the PM.