Homemade Photo Album

I went to NY this weekend for my cousin's wedding and had a blast. By the time I looked at her registry, most everything was bought, and I didn't just want to give her cash. A few days before I found this website and this tutorial. I thought it was so creative and unique that I decided to try and make a photo album for my cousin. Combining Julie Prichard's Super Nova class techniques and this tutorial, this is what I came up with. The cover is painted in the colors of the wedding, and the quote is from their wedding song. I also hand-carved the "Love" stamp. I thought it turned out pretty well for it being my first try and carving letters.

Final verdict? She LOVED it! :)

Close up of the inside cover. Sorry about the color shift, I have no idea why it shows so damned pink.

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  1. Hi, I just read texts on your blog and I became interested in the topic. Like also the pictures to creative :-) Thank you for sharing