Mono to Mono

(hahaha...I crack myself up with my post titles)

Thanks to Julie, I learned a new fun way of painting. Monoprinting. I have sort of heard of it before, but never really researched it. All it really involves is transferring a print (in my case...paint) from one surface to another. It was a glorious, messy process, and I loved every second of it!! This is my first try at it. I think I need to actually think more about the placement of the prints, but it was fun. And lots of layers. Who doesn't love layers?

I wish I was rich and could afford to join in Carmen's 'Spill It!' workshop. I watched her promotional video the other day and was captivated by the delicious paintings (why do I link paintings and eating?) in the background and the pure joy and passion coming from her in talking about her class. Sigh. A girl can dream.

Anyway, here is my monoprint! I love learning new things.


  1. I teach Spanish and read your title Monkey to Monkey.

  2. LOL!! That is spanish for monkey? That is fantastic :)

  3. Dawn, thanks so much for leaving that fab comment about my journals! It's really kind of you to bother... I am so enjoying this group and also wanted to do Carmen's Spill It!!
    I love your 'monkey' mono-printing! It IS a fun technique, isn't it? ;o)