I’m running down the road like loose electricity

Oh, how I love this band. The concert last night was great, only upstaged by the fact that I met The Edge. Oh yeah! When I picked my dad up at the airport, we saw a giant motorcade waiting right outside the airport, obviously to pick up the band members of U2. I told him that we must wait and see if we can spot them as they depart from their plane; how could we not?! I will not be so close to fame and walk away from it!

We hovered about the motorcade, and a security guy came up to us. I thought to myself "Great, we are getting kicked out!" Nope. The security guard told us to walk around to a gate right outside the tarmac. He said, "Oh yeah, the plane will land right in front of you." AWESOME.

We waited for about 20 minutes, and then a GIANT jet pulled up. All I had on me was my blackberry, but got a few pictures, that I can't figure out how to get on my macbook.


I just was in awe that we actually SAW the band members come off the plane (and wave), that I didn't notice at first that The Edge was less than a foot away from me! He walked up to the fence where a few of us were standing, shook our hands, and said "Hi" in his awesome Irish voice. I couldn't believe it! These things do not happen to me.

An awesome day, followed by an awesome night. Bono wore a laser jacket with a swinging, lit up microphone for the last few songs. I love him. Here are some pics from the show.

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