Art Interrupted

I know this has nothing to do with art or creating.
I need to get these words out somewhere,
because I don't feel like I can anywhere else
in the world.
I am barely holding it together,
and I'm not entirely sure why I feel this way.
I had my boss and my boss's boss worried about me today.
I can't let this interfere with work.
I need to get paid.
I'm scared
and lonely.
What do you do when you have no one to talk to?


  1. Journal like crazy! Getting it out on paper always makes me feel lighter even if that paper ends up in the bin ... stops you carrying it around with you, whatever it may be. Remember times you were happy and having a good time. Listen to uplifting music. Walk. If you would like to, check out my post called Healing Wishes. I am sending these to you x

  2. I read this a couple of hours ago and it's been nagging at me to try to help you...except that I don't know if I can. Is it because of your roommate leaving? Maybe you could ask her to help you find a new roommate? Finding one you can both agree on might help you with the transition. Does your employer offer any kind of free counciling (mine actually does)? I know you're in a journaling rut, but maybe trying to learn a new art or craft might distract you (I either journal or knit like crazy during stressful times). Hmm hmm, I wish I could be of more help other than to tell you you're awesome and to keep your chin up :)
    xo, spooky

  3. Hugs Dawn!
    I suffer big time from depression and anxiety. I also journal when I have no one to talk to, that being said, I usualy rather not talk to anyone (due to the anxiety).
    You can always email me if you need to let it out to someone who understands.
    Much LOVE

  4. I can totally relate to being depressed.Although I'm glad the worst periods are over. It helps to put it on to paper. But even that sometimes takes to much energy. I hope you find your way out.

  5. I take out my journal, the written one that is for my eyes only and i write, i write, i write....everything gets put on the paper, no editing allowed. And slowly, as the words find their voice and they get heard, i start to feel better and then i see a little glimmer, a way i didn't know was there.

    You will too Dawn, you will too! Thanks for sharing, cuz it's hard sometimes!

  6. I am a little late here Dawn, but (((hugs))) to you from me too. What do I do when I am wretched and scared and lonely? Write it out, talk it out, art journal it out...anything I can do to get it out. And I pamper myself a little, read my favourite comfort books, eat my favourite foods, watch my fav. movies, anything that makes me feel better. And I give myself permission to feel whatever it is I am feeling at the time, instead of adding another layer of guilt by feeling bad about not being "together" or positive or however else I think I SHOULD be.

    From the above post it sounds like you are feeling better, and I am glad! :)