Want to make cheap painted paper?

A roll of paper towels could probably last you a VERY long time.
Each piece of paper towel lends you to two pieces of your
own original painted paper.
Plus, its fun! And easy! And cheap!
All you need to do is gather up your spray inks
(I use Adirondack inks)
or acrylic paints, and a bunch of paper towels.
With watered down inks or paints
just scrunch/fold your towels and dip.
Similar to those tye-dyed shirts when you were a kid.
Lay them flat to dry.
Once dry, iron each piece out and the paper towels will separate,
and you will get two sheer, translucent paper...all of your own
original doing! You can create layers of towels to create
depth and awesomeness to your paintings. 
 Once you iron the paper towels, 
they get a different, more stable consistency,
ready to play :)

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  1. I can't believe this! I just got home with a couple of rolls of paper towels and plans for my next $5 art supply and I open up my blog reader and see this! Great minds think alike, huh? Well, I'll be posting about dyed paper towels soon. I'll be sure to link to your page.