Still Struggling

I can't tell if I am just in the "ebb" part of 
art-making ebb and flow...
or if I am still fighting against the tide.
I have been painting a little bit lately,
but rather uninspired. I get some color
down here and there, and then lose interest
and inspiration.

The orange spread is done, and yellow mostly...but they have been
sitting there for weeks, and I'm still not loving them totally.

Details of another spread I'm working on.
I like the colors and texture,
but it still is just color on a page,
not cohesive.
This is one of my biggest problems,
to pull it all together.
What I do love was melting crayon wax over parts of the page!
I used a regular iron, but I read you are supposed to use
a quilting iron, probably because of the lower heat.
I may have spilled red, glittery crayon was
all over my beige carpet.
 Now if I could be inspired, it would be so nice.

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