Hanna and her Inspiration

If you don't have Hanna's blog bookmarked,
She is SO full of creativity and inspiration
and ideas that it truly boggles my mind.
When I grow up I want to be just like her
Her most recent topic of discussion has been
Blurb and its very awesome capabilities
to produce professional-looking books
that. you. make.
They have pre-designed layouts you can use,
or you can upload PDFs of your own layout 
and upload it to the website.
Hanna uses InDesign for her spectacular photobooks
she's made. I am on a free 30-day trial trying
to learn this stuff.

I love learning new stuff

Gets the creative juices flowing

One thing I worry about,
what if I learn TOO much?
Or run out of things to be excited about?
I sometimes worry that I am not focused enough
on what I like to do creatively.
This whole new world has exploded last July,
and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off,
drooling, going "Ooh I want to do this! and this! and this!"
And then get overwhelmed and shut down.

What do you do to focus your creative spirit?

 (But I still want to make a book...I just have to think of what!)

You know how I said I loved my iPhone? 
I still do...and the fact that I can take decent pictures
anywhere I want has me on picture taking overload. 
Me getting ready to water the plants outside work
(I loathe this task)

This little fella somehow made its way up to the desk
Today a Kindergartner goes to me:
"Do you like chicken?"
"Yes, I love it"
"Well you should...EAT MORE COWS!"
*he dances a jig out the door*
Kids are hysterical, aren't they?

Cool lighting, eh?

I get to write on this board...pure joy

my arty water fountain shot

I mean...for a phone taking these pictures, its pretty great.
One day I'll get back to art journaling....


  1. I had to go back and re-read, b/c I couldn't believe these pics were from your iphone! Wow!! Good job, Dawn :D :D

  2. Dawn, you already are like me! Drooling over everything to do and being creative with even your phone! I love the shadow photo. And this is going to make me sound old and wise, but I thought I needed to choose too first but then discovered I don't have to. I just do everything, but hey, not at once and not if it makes your head explode. Slow down, take a deep breath and check out the resolution on your phones photos, maybe a photo book from iphone photos would be cool? :-)

    Rock on girl!

    Oh, and if I had a job where I could go outside a while and water plants, I would dig that.

  3. Much to read here and at IHanna -- and I write about inspiration too
    (I blog with my daughter -- at www.intentionsandinspirations.blogspot.com)

    And your entry hit me...because I have been wondering IF I will run out of things to be excited about. I am a woman of Big Projects and What If? at my age (just turned 60), the well runs dry.
    I haven't found the next PROJECT but I am now having fun searching for it -- and combining it with a firm foundation of daily activities and close relationships.
    I will soon be trying Blurb and I just ordered a Flip-Slide Camcorder and can't wait to try it.