I've been tagged!

Hey, this is a first...I feel so special!
Eden (check out her blog...its awesome) tagged me
in a little game called "Honesty." I must tell y'all
7 things about myself you don't know.
I hate these things! I am so bad at talking about myself.
But, this should be pretty easy since I don't divulge
too much personal info here.
And then, I shall tag 7 more people...ooh...

Ok. Here goes.

1. I am left-handed, and apparently write many letters backwards. 
Guess I was never taught correctly :)

2. I am small. I am 4'11", but played rugby in college. It was awesome.

3. The last time I had a stomach bug, I was 12.

4. Also when I was 12, I was babysitting my younger brother.
He made me angry (little brothers are SO GOOD at that), so I chased
him out of the house. When he ran outside, I shut the door and leaned
my hand against the glass pane.
In went my hand through glass. I freaked out and proceeded
to run around the house waving my hand around.
I went outside and cried on the front steps, all the while
blood was sopping the grass below. My neighbor (who was "slow")
gave me a couple paper towels.
I cried, my brother stared at me from across the street.
My friend called me, so I answered the phone and went
"I cut my hand"
Her mom drove her over, and they both lost the color in their faces.
They immediately took me to the hospital.
I had to get 20 stitches.

5. I am so so SO afraid of doctors/hospitals. I had to get tests
done when I was a kid because my blood pressure was so high.
Nothing was wrong, but I'm that petrified of them.
I'm still putting off getting my wisdom teeth out.
I can't fathom doing something to cause me pain voluntarily.

6. I am not a crier. I don't cry over movies, tv shows..it takes a lot to make me cry.

7. I love to dance around in tshirt and undies and sing loudly 

There ya have it folks!

Now....to tag others...
1. Spooky/The Paper Phantom
2. Paula
3. Seth
4. Lori
5. Hanna
6. Evangeline
7. Little Black Kitty 
I can't leave a post with no picture...so here is my favorite muse, Jack.


  1. I love this picture Dawn!! :) It belongs in my flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1391934@N22/

    Great story about your stitches.
    Much Love

  2. I'm still trying to get the vision of your poor hand out of my head!!! Yikes! You poor kid! The high bp reminds me of my son who at 16 would always have really high blood pressure when the docs measured it....nothing was wrong he just had "white coat syndrome".

    Love that you played rugby!!

  3. I finally got around to replying to this on my formspring account.
    (hopefully it will be up when you check the link. apparently they're slow today).