Thank you blogging world...

Your sweet words helped lift me up.
Today I sat down and wrote and wrote,
trying to get out my demons.
I cleaned the apartment that I had ignored for too long.
I ran errands.
I even painted a little.
It is a long road I'm on, I think,
but it helps to know that someone out there 
does care. Even if I never met you!
I just got an iphone...and the camera compared to
the blackberry I had is WORLDS better.
Plus there are lots of fun apps for it.
I saw this car at Target. Hysterical, eh?
I had a similar car when I was 17
88 Oldsmobile named George
My friends and I spray painted it for my graduation party
I drove it around like a proud badge of honor.
I cried when two weeks later my parents
took it to the car pound

And a certain kitty named Jack
makes me feel better when he's all cuddly on my lap.

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  1. i'm glad you're feeling better today......those demons have a way of wreaking havoc when we least expect it! it sounds like you're doing lots of positive things to chase those demons away.....hang in there! :))