Painting and Baby Ducks

Hello folks! I feel like it has been awhile.
I have officially come to the conclusion that me and art
will never be able to be separated again.
I went 28 years without it,
and now can barely make it 24 hours.
I house/pet sat from Saturday into Sunday,
and I was chomping at the bit to do SOMETHING
by 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of painting.
First up, page 6 (?) of my Music Book
I have been OBSESSED with this Pearl Jam song
that has been playing all over the radio.
Just Breathe 
An apt title for the time in my life right now.
Check it out.

Navigating the Rough Terrain
I have decided to try and start naming some of my paintings.
Its difficult! I guess it depends on the process.
Sometimes I have a certain mood or idea in mind, 
so it is easier to name.
But for this one, I just threw some molding paste down 
on the paper and went from there.
But, I like the name and it fits I think.
detail shot.
The words "Its a Revolution, baby!" were stuck in my head.
I want to say it is a Beatles lyric, but I could be very wrong.

Oh yeah..the baby duck part...the place I pet sit for
just got baby ducks and chicks.
(one of my favorite pictures)

Now I am SURE you are smiling from all the cuteness.


  1. Aw, that little duck is to die for. So cute!

    Love the texture in that second one, and colour!

  2. Smiling ... cuteness and wonderful colors/texture!

  3. oh my goodness.....those ducks are SO cute!!! thanks for sharing all of your artwork....it's awesome!! :))

  4. These pages are absolutely STUNNING! I just love the textures, and the first page is awesome.
    Much Love

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