Inspiration "Shopping" and other things

Hello my blogging friends!
So I still am in a painting rut...I just can't make myself sit down and paint,
so I decided to try doing other things for the time being.
Remember how I was SO E-X-C-I-T-E-D
(a la Jessie from Saved by the Bell)
about Hanna's recent posts on how she makes her own book
through blurb.com? WELL, I am going to do one!
I floundered for a few days on what I should do.
My life is pretty boring, and I don't have much to doucment
other than Jack,
(this is him last night sleeping next to me while I worked)
I'm relationship phobic, an introvert, and only have one good friend in town.
But, as I thought about the photographs I do take,
I realized I like to walk around Charlottesville and
take lots of fun close-ups, details of life.
Lightbulb moment!
I bought two books to help me along this path:
Indesign for Dummies and
Design Elements: A Graphics Style Manual
 Indesign is relatively self-explanatory, 
as I want to make this book through it.
But I have slowly realized that I LOVE
design...I can stare at good design forever
and drool. So why not learn more?
Last night I made little proof sheets of what
I wanted to put in my book photographic-wise
and sent them off to Kinkos.
(My brand new, not cheap, Lexmark printer sucks...why does this always happen?)
Today, while at work, (UGGGHHH)
I plan on reading these glorious books 
and start figuring out my layouts for each page.
This is a daunting task. I'm just a LITTLE scared!

Yesterday though, I decided to go window shopping,
to try and get myself out of the rut, and be inspired.
I grabbed my camera and headed down to Anthropolgie
for the first.time.ever...and also happened to find
the CUTEST little store too!! Eep!
 I felt sort of like a criminal taking pictures...it was very nerve-wracking! 
I love the colors and the pattern here! 
I am realizing that teal is SO one of my favorite colors.
Too bad its everywhere.
Little pieces of hardware for cabintetry!
I can't wait to own my own place and REALLY drool over this stuff
Hand-dyed books...oh my, I love it
I found this wall painted where I was shopping,
and the wood was peeling and crackling.
So beautiful, huh?

Have a wonderful Sunday,
 and maybe I will paint again someday. 

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  1. Way to keep yourself inspired and creative through your painting dry spell, Dawn! The book idea is great.