Finished Journal Page and some Link Love

Finally I am back to my normal routine!
I was away for vacation, and then came back
to go house/dog-sit until Saturday evening. 
My hands have been itching to be back in my "studio."
I did cheat, and came home one evening to paint
a journal page because I had THAT bad of a day.
My lovely, wonderful, supportive Aunt sent me
a Rumi poem, and I just knew it needed to be made
into a journal page.
This is the beginning layers...
finished product
My new favorite thing is to add a layer of paint,
spritz water on top...let it sit for a few seconds,
and then wipe.
Repeat until you want to stop!
This particular piece has about 7 different layers of colors
painted on, wiped off...and so on.
I recently have come across some really awesome 
and inspiring blogs that I thought I'd share.
I try to keep my blogroll updated...but sometimes its hard.
Tortagiella: This is just a fun blog to read. She is bursting at the seams with creativity,
and shows many tutorials on book binding.
Art Journaling Ning: A great website with tons of workshops,
journalers, discussions and photos. I always
find inspiring work and artists through this site.
If anyone knows of an easy way to make my pictures
the correct size (less than 100kb), PLEASE let me know!
I edit my pictures in photoshop, and they are way too large.
Art Journaling Tumblr: This person posts photos and links
to what journal artists she enjoys. ALWAYS inspiring
The Creative Entrepreneur: I love her work! She is working
on a really awesome project right now, and gives lots
of advice for any fellow introverts.
My Peacetree: Ingrid does amazing work,
and it is so authentic, beautiful and comes from the soul.
Flora Bowley: I just found her website, and her artwork
and vision is just incredible. She's a new blogger,
but I promise you'll be hooked!


  1. Dawn, wonderful links...however the first 2 went to Open DNS.

    About changing your image size...I use Photoshop Elements. I go to Image> Resize> Image Size....then I change the pixels or the inches. Play around with it, hope this helps. Or when you go to save, you can pick the "save for Web" option.

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog - that's so nice of you! Your journal page is fantastic, so lush - that reddish orange color - wow!

  3. The texture you have created in this journal spread is wonderful -- I love the perspective from the first photo. Thanks for the links too. Off to check them out now.