Projects Galore

I have multiple projects going on right now,
and glad for all the distraction.
Project #1: Rebinding The Sketchbook for the sketchbook project.
 The papers are so thin! Worse than composition paper.
There is no way I could work like that.
I have been struggling trying to come up with ideas
for my theme, "In Flight."
The website says that it is just a jumping off point,
but Eden's posts on her sketchbook has made me think hard.
I have thought about "In Flight" and it eventually 
brought me to a journey.
That is what I feel like I'm on.
I constantly want to try new things, experiment,
so I think I'm going to document it in the sketchbook
and then send it off for the world to see!
I am cutting down papers to put in the Moleskine.
It says you can do 5.5x8.5, but 8.5" was too long,
so I kept it at 8". A little short, but not too bad.

Project #2: Color Journal
I've seen on a few blogs of people keeping
a color journal. 
I've thought about it, but always put it off.
I decided to do one, because there are so many color combinations
and inspiration. I found much of it in the Art Journaling magazines,
but also in other magazines,nature, tv shows. Its everywhere!
This way, if I am ever stumped on color,
I can be inspired!

Project #3: Blurb.com photo book
This has been really hard for me to get going on
InDesign is harder than I thought to use,
and I just want it to look GOOD, NOW!
Is that so hard to ask?
On top of that, I keep on painting in my art journal.


  1. Wow, we are on the same wavelength. I want to rebind my SP sketchbook with better paper AND I am about to start a color journal. In fact, my next Inspired By... post was going to be all about color and starting a color journal. I think we've just been reading the same blogs! Anyway, your color journal looks awesome and I'll link to it when I do my post.

  2. The Sketchbook Project is great.... I've really enjoyed your blog and look forward to seeing what goes on in your sketchbook :)


  3. Dawn, Too bad the books for the project wasn't on the better paper! Hope your rebinding goes well. I think the color journal would be so cool!