The Sketchbook is Here!

This was the highlight of my day.
You ever have those days/weeks/months(in my case)
where you can't possibly imagine how you will be
able to stand somehow living for the next X amount of years?
The last few months at work have been so very stressful.
I've not cried so much in meetings as I have been.
Not cool.
I feel like maybe I am not management material.
I don't seem to be training my people well,
am ALWAYS struggling with scheduling
(god i hate it)
and hiring. Ugh.
How can I be expected to move upwards in
the company if I can't manage my pithy little 4 person staff?
I don't know.
Most of the time I want to just give up.
Not get out of bed the next day and go to work.
Not stress all the time.
Not feel like I am not doing the job well.
I like my job, but there is new management
and changing how we operate greatly.
I like the management too,
but I feel like I can't handle it all.
I don't know what to do
and I don't want it to send me spiraling down
and down again. 
I have projects on the horizon,
like The Sketchbook Project
and I am supposed to be working on making a book
from blurb.com for my family.
Yet it all seems like so much work.


  1. Yeah, Dawn....So glad you got it!! Let the fun begin!!! :D

  2. i'm sorry that things at work have been dragging you down. this sketchbook project will definitely give you something fun and creative to look forward to!! enjoy filling up those pages! xox, :))