Who's saving you?

Last night, lying in bed I was thinking about life.
How, in those moments where you feel like
you are sinking...
Who saves you?


  1. I think I save myself. This desire to see more beauty, to feel more love, to create more "art", to be a part of it all for at least one more day buoys me up...sometimes breaking the surface feels like a wonderful relief and other times, I feel as though I am just waiting for the next big wave to smash over me again. But somehow this bittersweet precious life has taught me to keep on floating. I am grateful for that, every day.
    Just wanted to say thank you for your Bloglove, Dawn. Your comments always make me feel like I have reached out and touched someone who "gets" it. Thank you for that !

  2. Very striking and thought provoking pages, Dawn. Great work, and thanks for sharing the rest of your work. I have enjoyed wandering through!

  3. For me God is who saves me. I couldn't get through this bumpy road of life without his guidance, grace (through Christ) and love!

  4. I am just catching up on all the amazing stuff you have been up to over the past couple of months, and I had to answer this one. I would have to say that I save myself. I do turn to God (but the act of turning is in itself my choice to do or not, so the essence is still a saving of self by choosing to reach out/believe/accept), gratefully accept support and comfort from loved ones, get inspired and distracted by any number of things that I am passionate about from Walt Whitman to art journaling to a really good loaf of bread...but ultimately it is up to me to save me, to choose to hope and to love and not to give up on healthy and happy and balanced.