Making your own stencils

I haven't made a stencil of my own in quite some time.
Its a super easy way to add your own design
and style into your art journaling.
All you need is some thin plastic,
(Walmart and Michael's also sell stencil blanks)
a piece of glass, an exacto knife (I use a stencil cutting tool)
some tracing paper and a black marker.
I decided to go for a diamond pattern,
and traced one from a piece of scrapbook paper I had left over.
Tip: Use a ruler for geometric objects!
After going through a couple of rows 
and realizing that my lines were uneven,
I busted out a ruler and it made it MUCH easier.
Once you've transferred the pattern onto tracing paper,
color it in/outline it with black marker.
This step is VERY important, because
otherwise you will be squinting to see the design through
the piece of glass and the plastic.
Once I colored in my pattern, it was time to cut!
Tip: Always leave space between the designs
I've made the mistake a few times 
when cutting stencils of just going to town
cutting out the outline, and forgetting that
when you make a stencil you need a little bit of plastic
to stay in between the different shapes, otherwise
it will all come out and you will be left with a big hole!
Next you put the piece of glass over the tracing paper
and the stencil film on top and cut away!
I made lots of mistakes, and my pattern
isn't perfect. This probably would have been
a better task for just a ruler and an exacto knife.
This is drafting film and really thin.
Oh well, live and learn :)
And because its on my desk, a journal page from 
The Big Journal in progress


  1. Now that is a cool stencil!! I know I'd be using it A LOT!!! I should try this, thanks for posting all the information :D

  2. i love your diamond pattern......you did a great job cutting all of those out!!! i've been wanting to try this for a while.....thanks for sharing how you do this!! xox, :))