Practice, Practice, Practice!!

I'm still hooked on trying to learn how to draw.
I am learning to overcome my fear of not being able to draw,
of letting my little brother's talents 
overpower any thought of mine.
There is SO much wrong with these.
Drawing circles is hard...
drawing circles in proportion and scale and perspective...
so difficult.
I am determined to keep trying,
I also re-bound my Sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project
This is my 4th book to stitch together...
and it does get easier and better
These stitches are almost straight!
and somewhat tight!


  1. Hey, you did it, that re-binding is FANTASTIC!! You lucky duck!! Your drawings are really good, maybe instead of telling yourself that your brother is so good at art, you should just re-phrase it...."since my brother is good at Art, and we share so many similar genes, then there's hope for me too"....

    and even the really really good have to keep practicing.

  2. wow.....fabulous job at rebinding that sketchbook!!! you go girl!!! and i'm afraid i'm going to have to argue a bit with you about the drawing......i think that not only can you draw, but you can draw beautifully well!!!! keep that pencil busy!!! xoxo, :))

  3. i agree with lori, those sketches are lovely. i'm a big fan of artists who embrace what might seem 'imperfections' ... i mean, if we're all drawing exactly the same way, then we're not really expressing ourselves are we?

    have your tried the book drawing on the right side of the brain? maybe you have (i'm only on page one of your blog)... but just in case not, it's really helpful at unlocking our drawing ability: http://www.drawright.com/